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20 Ways to Keep your Kids Reading All Summer Long

In exactly one week my kids will be getting off the bus for the last time this school year. Summer break is almost here. I can't wait for the slower pace and extra reading time summer brings. 

Not all my kids agree, about the extra reading time I mean. The summer slide is a real thing, and no I’m not talking about your local park’s playground equipment. I’m talking about the tendency for young readers (especially the more reluctant ones) to fall off the reading bandwagon over the summer months. Several articles I’ve read suggest that by reading six books over the summer, you can keep your kids from losing ground on their reading skills. I don’t know about you, but that feels doable. 

If, however, getting your child to read one book, let alone six, feels like an unreachable goal, or if you are simply looking for more ways to maintain a reading culture in your house this summer, I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of 20 ways you can help your kids keep reading all summer long. 

3 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Discover Great Books

I recently listened to a podcast where the host made the point that our goal should not necessarily be to help our kids fall in love with the act of reading, but instead to help them fall in love with the power of stories. It is a small shift in perspective, but it is an important one. 

With that in mind, how do we help our kids find (or even try) stories that they can fall in love with? Whether they are a reluctant reader or a verified bookworm, discovering the good ones can sometimes be a challenge.  To help you get started, below are three simple ways I have had success in encouraging a love of stories with my kids:

Welcome to Young Book Love

The library is one of our family’s frequently visited destinations. It is one place we all look forward to visiting, most of the time. Even my reluctant readers like going. My trips to the library occur approximately once a week. During the summer we all go, but during the school year I am typically on my own. It is hard to find the time for all of us to make the trip during the short, often hectic after-school hours. 

Whether I am on my own at the library or with my kids, I am always on a mission to find books my kids will connect with.