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11-year-old Girl Seeking Books with a Hook

Ava is an eleven-year-old girl who loves to read. She loves reading because it takes her into new worlds and occupies her mind. There are so many different stories to read and learn from; she loves to discover them. When she’s not reading, Ava likes to play games and play soccer.

When looking for a good book, Ava especially likes fantasy and realistic fiction. The Harry Potter series is one of her very favorites; she has read them more than once. She stays away from graphic novels because they don’t interest her and feel harder to read.

Ava has no problem abandoning a book if it doesn’t keep her interest or is hard to understand. If you are a kid looking for a good book, Ava recommends that you ask your siblings, parents, grandparents and friends for recommendations.

I am excited to give Ava a few personalized picks. To help me help her, I asked Ava to share three of her favorite books and one she was not so crazy about. Here are her favorites:

Literary Links and a Guest Post

literary links and guest post-3.jpg

It's been a little quiet here this month. Our family has been traveling and busy with the things of summer, including, of course, summer reading. And, let me tell you, I have a few books I can't wait to share. This blog might be quiet on the front page, but behind the scenes my mind is churning with ideas for future posts. Stay tuned! 

A bit of fun news: I was super excited to put together a guest post with five of my favorite middle grade fiction recommendations for a fellow literary blogger this week. If you are looking for book recommendations for yourself and/or your kids, head on over to the blog Top Shelf Text. You will find loads of book ideas, and if you are interested you can find my post here.

I discovered Top Shelf Text though the podcast What Should I Read Next by Anne Bogel which just happens to be another great place to discover new books to try. My personal TBR list has grown exponentially since I started listening. 

I hope you are soaking in these summer days even as the start of school feels alarmingly close on the horizon. I still have a list of books to read that I will probably not make it through, but as the saying goes, "Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be."

What have your favorite summer reads been this year? My TBR list always has room to grow. 

Quick Picks AKA What My Kids Are Reading

As I have been blessed with a large passel of kids with a variety of ages, interests, and reading levels, I thought I’d do a “quick pick” list inspired by them. Below are the books my kids are currently reading. If you are looking for ideas for your young reader, maybe one these books will interest them.

A Book List for Dog Lovers who want the Dog to Live On.

There is nothing quite like a good dog story. Dogs are loyal and love unconditionally. They help their owners through tough times. They follow their kids everywhere and love them well. The problem is, so many of these books end with a dead dog. I will freely admit that I love a good cry at the end of a well-told story, but sometimes you just want to read about a dog who survives to love on. You want to close the book with warm fuzzies instead of cold, wet tears.  If you or your child can identify with this sentiment, the following list of dog stories is for you. 

Welcome to Young Book Love

The library is one of our family’s frequently visited destinations. It is one place we all look forward to visiting, most of the time. Even my reluctant readers like going. My trips to the library occur approximately once a week. During the summer we all go, but during the school year I am typically on my own. It is hard to find the time for all of us to make the trip during the short, often hectic after-school hours. 

Whether I am on my own at the library or with my kids, I am always on a mission to find books my kids will connect with.