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One part fantasy, one part historical fiction and three parts wonderful, Jonathan Auxier’s most recent release is a must-read. This story is filled with friendship, wonder, sadness and injustice; it has all the feels. Thankfully, it ends with large doses of hope and redemption. It’s the kind of book that brings the best kind of sigh at the end of the last page.

Nan, the main character, is smart and wise beyond her years. Since her Sweep left her, five years ago, she has a hard time letting anyone else in. When she finally meets Charlie, a gift from the Sweep, their friendship is sweet and fierce. They are characters that you can’t help but fall in love with and Charlie is the most endearing monster you will ever meet. They make a great team. The story moves along at a good clip, highlighting the plight of children sweeps, the wonder of new discoveries, and the joy of friendship.

Tips for Picking Age Appropriate Books - part 2

The older your child gets and the more experience they gain as a reader, the question of whether a book is appropriate changes. Instead of wondering if our child has the ability to read a book (see last week’s post for tips on this), we wonder if what they are reading is appropriate from a content perspective. And if they are an extra sensitive reader, this can be especially challenging. The older they get, the more books become available that contain more mature content. How can we help them navigate this challenge?

Below are a few tips that might help.