Books for kids

Board Books for Baby and You

Many children are introduced to the wonders of books and reading through the kid-friendly, hardy little readers we know and love as “board books.” Created to withstand all that an infant and toddler can throw at it, these books are a staple in most nurseries.

I was recently perusing the board book section at my local book store, and oh my word, this category of books has evolved since I had littles crawling around my home. The act of reading while snuggling with our babies and toddlers is always a pleasure. Add to that content the parent enjoys reading and you have a perfect match. Plus, a board book that allows me to introduce some of my favorite things (Pride and Prejudice for instance) to my kids is an absolute win.

The board books I discovered are so fun, I had to share. If you have babies or toddlers at home, need a gift idea, or want to add to your own collection simply because, this list is for you.

Epic Adventures and Where to Find Them

One of my favorite types of book to fall into include book series of epic proportions. I love stories that pull you into the long-standing battle of good verses evil along with tales of sacrifice, courage and doing hard things. 

There are a few obvious books that come to mind in this category. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my all-time favorite series. The Lord the Rings is another. Hidden within the pages of these books are moments of profound insight and wisdom that have shaped my life. They hold scenes that I think of when I need a dose of courage in my real-life decisions. 

Of course, Harry Potter also falls into this category. This series is fully entertaining and so hard to put down. If your child gets lost in the first one, chances are he or she will want to keep reading to see how the saga ends. 

One thing I love even more than getting lost in an epic saga is watching a story pull my kids in hard. It is even better when that story leads to a request for the next book from the library ASAP.

If your kids love to get lost inside of an epic adventure or have never tried, this list is for you. Below are five series my kids and I have loved that might be good fits for your kids too. Some of them have profound insight and wisdom sprinkled inside (if you look for it), all of them are epic in nature with excellent stories at their heart. 

Tips for Picking Age Appropriate Books - part 1

Finding books that are appropriate for our kids is a challenge. When they are younger and first learning to read it can be hard to know what books are a good fit for their abilities. When they are older, the challenge can be avoiding books with content and themes they just aren't ready for. Most publishers give recommended reading ages for the books they publish, but, as we all know, every child is different. They read at their own pace and some are affected more dramatically by what they read than others. 

How do you know if a book is a good fit for your child’s reading ability and is an appropriate pick for them? Below are three tips that should help. (Next week look for tips to help you find content that is appropriate.)

Guest Post: 10 Books Every Child Should Read Before Leaving Elementary School

My sister recently asked me if I had to pick 10 books every child should read before they leave elementary school, what would they be. While I have a few ideas, I immediately thought the ideal person to answer this question would be a school librarian. So I asked ours. The list he gave me is fantastic and I am excited to share it with you.

Books Make the Best Stocking Stuffers

We are in the final week of the Christmas season. If you are still in the market for a few stocking stuffers, I am of the opinion that books make excellent stuffers. When it comes to choosing a book to place in your children’s Christmas stocking, we can all agree that size is an issue. With that in mind, below are five recommendations that won’t completely stuff their stockings, but will add some fun and holiday cheer. 

Inspiring Biographies for Kids

There are people in this world who have lived amazing lives and done amazing things, literally changing the world for the better. Some accomplished this in big and famous ways; others made their impact flying under the radar of public awareness. Regardless of how they did it, a life well-lived is an inspiring thing. We all want our kids to grow up to be productive members of society and make an impact for good. What better way to inspire them, than sharing stories about real people who did just that? 

Below is a list of three biographies (including one series of biographies, so really a whole lot more) that have made an impact on our family.

Adventure-loving Girl Seeking Books

Faye is a curious, adventurous nine year old. She is always on the look out for new friends, but can sometimes be a little shy when it comes to saying the first hello. When it comes to her reading life, she likes to reserve the more challenging chapter books for summertime and save easier books for when school is in session. Reading calms her down. Small fonts, on the other hand, are annoying. If a book has too small of font, she will stop reading it. Period. 


Faye asked me for a few personalized picks. To help me help her, I asked her to share three of her favorite books and one she was not so crazy about. Here are her favorites...

A Wonder-like Book List (AKA Books that Inspire Kindness and Looking Beyond the Outward Appearance)

Have you read Wonder? In my world, the book is showing up everywhere. My book club read it over the summer. Teachers have been reading it to my kids in school. I often see it displayed prominently in book stores and libraries. And while the extra attention might have something to do with the movie (starring Julie Roberts and Owen Wilson) that is set to release into theaters on November 17th, this book is making an impact for a much better reason:  It's a well told story that inspires kindness in it's readers. If you or your kids haven’t read it, grab yourselves a copy and dig in!