Board Books for Baby and You

Many children are introduced to the wonders of books and reading through the kid-friendly, hardy little readers we know and love as “board books.” Created to withstand all that an infant and toddler can throw at it, these books are a staple in most nurseries.

I was recently perusing the board book section at my local book store, and oh my word, this category of books has evolved since I had littles crawling around my home. The act of reading while snuggling with our babies and toddlers is always a pleasure. Add to that content the parent enjoys reading and you have a perfect match. Plus, a board book that allows me to introduce some of my favorite things (Pride and Prejudice for instance) to my kids is an absolute win.

The board books I discovered are so fun, I had to share. If you have babies or toddlers at home, need a gift idea, or want to add to your own collection simply because, this list is for you.

I discovered three series of books that dive into different areas of interest/study in a super fun and creative way. My personal favorites (big shock here) are the Babylit Primer’s and Storybooks (They play off of so many great novels, are beautiful to look at and make my heart leap just a little every time I look at one.).

But, if you are a history or science buff, you may fall for the Young Historians or Baby Loves Science books instead. Wherever you land, you need to check them out.

Babylit Primer’s and Storybooks

Babylit offers storybooks (a simplified retelling of classics from literature) and primers on all sorts of topics like flowers, camping, counting and sounds. The classics they pull from include Anne of Green Gables, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein and Shakespeare to name a few of the many in this whimsical and wonderfully illustrated series.

Young Historians

Colorful and humorous these books give fun little shout-outs to some of our country’s heroes of history. A great set of books to add to your collection.

Baby Loves Science

Aerospace engineering probably shouldn’t be in the title of a book for babies, but it is and, I kind of love it.

Now, I can’t do a post on board books without highlighting a few of the books I read to my kids when they were little. Here are a handful of my personal favorites.

Sandra Boynton board books

I loved reading these books to my kids. Funny and enjoyable to read out loud, they never got old. It’s been years since I read Moo, Baa, La La La! but I think I could still recite some of it from memory.

The Classics

I could list so many books here, but I will stick with these. Anything by Eric Carle and Dr. Suess is a winner, board book or other wise. And the Carl books were just so pretty to look through. No words, but lovely stories told through beautiful illustrations. I wanted a Rottweiler for a while after discovering these.

Sharing books with our kids and reading out loud should start so they never remember a time when you didn’t read to them. Stocking your baby’s book shelves with board books that you love helps build a love of reading together from little on up.

What are some of your family’s most-loved board books? I’d love to hear your favorites!

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