Quick Picks - May Edition

Some of my current reads make it into lists that go straight to the blog, others will make it to future lists yet to be determined. And some best fit this list, a list of what I've been reading lately.

Below are three books (all very different from each other) I have enjoyed over the past month and wanted to share. 

What have you and your kids been reading lately? 


Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright

Thimble Summer won the Newbery Medal in 1939 so you could say it has stood the test of time. The copy of the book I checked out of the library was filled with yellowed pages and that old book smell that will always transport me to my grandma’s house in summer. And while there were a few things that dated this book (liberal use of the word fat and frequent hitchhiking adventures), the story of nine-year-old Garnet’s Thimble Summer will take you back to the simpler time of childhood in the very best way. It is the kind of book that sparks imagination. It was also the perfect book to read as summer approaches and would make an excellent read aloud. 

Readers 8 and up


Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith

One of my summer reading goals is to read more YA (young adult) fiction. In the past I have tended to hide from this genre because so much of it feels heavy with coarser language and more graphic everything than what I prefer in my reading experiences. But, as my own kids start to become young adults, I want to help them find books that will keep them reading and at the same time avoid some of that graphic-ness that tends to pop up in the genre.

Flygirl was a random pick from my library’s YA shelves that I am excited to share. Historical fiction about a young black woman who loves to fly. When America enters World War II, she finds herself with a chance to pass for white and join the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots). This is a well-told story that gives the reader a lot to think about and learn from and is a YA book that I would gladly recommend.  

Readers 12 and up


The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett

Fun, well-illustrated and sprinkled with facts about… cows, The Terrible Two was a funny, entertaining read. This is the kind of book you might want to have laying around your house for your reluctant reader to find and hopefully read. The cover is enticing, the pictures are fun and the story is engaging. It would also make an excellent read aloud to all your young readers. It’s the story of Miles (the new kid at school) and Niles (the school helper), the start of a friendship and the pulling off of the biggest prank Yawnee Valley has ever seen. 

Readers 8 and up