An Ode to the Novel in Verse


April is National Poetry month, and I plan to pay homage to this distinction on the blog over the next few weeks. There will be at least one poetry book list, and several novel in verse recommendations.

Novel in Verse has become one of my favorite genres over the past few years. When done well, and there are many that nail it, I am always amazed at how the author can drive the story with a few perfectly chosen words.

I am really excited to share a few of my favorites, but for now I thought I'd have a little fun and try a bit of poetry myself. Below then, is my very own Ode to the Novel in Verse. 



the first time I picked one

I judged that book by its cover.

it took me a flip




to judge its insides.


Too much white space

Too short of lines


Can good stories really be told 

        like this?



pushed in by a Newberry seal

    and a summer reading program

I was swept into dusty Oklahoma,

    filled with white space


            too short of lines


I think, good stories can be told

        like this.

I looked for another 

    you know,

to test the theory.



with many more covers




stories told in free verse

stories told in rhyme








    Y           shaped 






I know, stories can be told like this.


Sometimes        fewer        words


the     words     left     behind

        Better...           Best.


Long live the Novel in Verse!