It was the beginning of summer  

And we thought we’d landed on another planet:  

A boat-bobbing  


Sea salty harbor town  

With people strolling the docks  

Eating ice cream and lobster rolls.

- taken from Moo by Sharon Creech


From Amazon:

Following one family’s momentous move from the city to rural Maine, an unexpected bond develops between twelve-year-old Reena and one very ornery cow.

When Reena, her little brother, Luke, and their parents first move to Maine, Reena doesn’t know what to expect. She’s ready for beaches, blueberries, and all the lobster she can eat. Instead, her parents “volunteer” Reena and Luke to work for an eccentric neighbor named Mrs. Falala, who has a pig named Paulie, a cat named China, a snake named Edna—and that stubborn cow, Zora.

This heartwarming story, told in a blend of poetry and prose, reveals the bonds that emerge when we let others into our lives.


Moo by Sharon Creech fell somewhere in between a novel and a novel in verse to me. Regardless of how you classify it, it is a sweet, well-told story about an unlikely friendship which just happens to be one of my favorite kinds. 

It is the story of a city girl who moves to the country and enters into two out-of-the-ordinary friendships:  one with her eccentric old neighbor and one with a cow. Along with new friendships, this is a story of taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning new things no matter your age.

The words the author uses to tell this story and the creative way she lays them out on the page make this a unique reading experience and a work of art in more ways than one. A relatively quick read, this might be a good book to try with more reluctant or slower readers although it is an excellent pick for readers of any type.

Spoiler Alert: If you have sensitive readers, there is a death at the end of the book. I think the telling of it is well-done and not at all scary, but of course there is some sadness.

In spite of this, the ending is truly happy, very satisfying and absolutely worth the read.

Moo is a lovely book that young readers will find entertaining, engaging and maybe even inspiring to take a risk and try new things. 

Readers 8 and up


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