What do you think?


It's hard for me to believe that Young Book Love has been going for almost five months. As I approach the 6-month mark, I hope to take some time to thoughtfully plan, look back on what worked and what didn't, and overall think through how to make this space of internet better. 

My goal is that Young Book Love would be a valuable resource to you as you look for books for your kids to read. Am I meeting that goal?

I would value your feedback to help me figure that out. If you have a few minutes, I have a 5-question survey below I'd love for you to complete. If you read a question and don't have a response, no biggie, no question is required, all answers are accepted.

Whether you answer one question or all five, I would love to have your feedback! 

Thank you in advance to all who take the time to send in your thoughts.

Also, as a quick heads up, I will be taking the next two weeks off. Between Spring Break and the Easter holiday, I need a little extra time to focus on my family. Thanks again to all who have followed along, left a comment or shared the blog with a friend. 

Happy Easter!

Happy Spring Break!

May these Holy days and breaks from the norm be a time of family, reflection and, of course, good books. 

To take the survey, simply answer the questions below and hit submit.

Overall, how helpful is the content of Young Book Love to you?
How do you like to receive/find out about new posts?
If you subscribe to the blog and receive new posts via email, which format do you prefer?
Totally optional, you can leave your feedback anonymously, but if you are willing to leave your name and email address, I would love to have the option to send a follow-up email if your feedback prompts a question. :)