Ode to Ramona and How you Can Listen to her Audiobooks for Free!

Beatrice Quimby's biggest problem was her little sister Ramona. Beatrice, or Beezus (as everyone called her, because that was what Ramona had called her when she first learned to talk), knew other nine-year-old girls who had little sisters who went to nursery school, but she did not know anyone with a little sister like Ramona.

- First paragraph of Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary

And so begins one of the classic series of all time. I grew up with Ramona books. I loved them then and love them now. From the first book where we are introduced to four-year-old Ramona, through the following seven we get to see her grow, relate with her problems, laugh at the situations she finds herself in, and love her relationships with her family. Beverly Cleary wrote so much heart into the Ramona books, they are hard not to love. 

There was no escape. Ramona slid from her seat and walked to the front of the room where she faced the flag and stood on one foot like a stork to hide her shoeless foot behind her pleated skirt. "I pledge allegiance," she began, swaying.

Mrs. Griggs interrupted. "Both feet on the floor, Ramona."

Ramona felt a surge of defiance. Mrs. Griggs wanted two feet on the floor, so she put two feet on the floor. "--to the flag," she continued with such determination that Mrs. Griggs did not have another chance to interrupt. When Ramona finished, she took her seat. So there, Mrs. Griggs, was her spunky thought. What if I am wearing only one shoe?

-taken from Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary

If you haven't yet introduced your kids to Ramona, consider listening to the audio version together.  It is well-done and will give you the chance to enjoy her again as you listen along with your kids.

Even better, there is a way to gain access to the audio version for free! Have you heard of, or used HooplaHoopla is a website and app that is linked to your library and will give you access to the audio version of the Ramona books and many others for free! 

Simple download the app and sign up (you will need your library card number handy).

Hoopla allows you to borrow movies, music or books (audio and ebooks). The app is really easy to use and it has a “kids mode” setting to help you find family-appropriate content. It is a great resource if you haven’t already discovered it!

If you are a user of Hoopla, what are your favorite resources you've enjoyed by using the app?


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