Quick Picks AKA What My Kids Are Reading

As I have been blessed with a large passel of kids with a variety of ages, interests, and reading levels, I thought I’d do a “quick pick” list inspired by them. Below are the books my kids are currently reading. If you are looking for ideas for your young reader, maybe one these books will interest them.


MJ (14-year-old girl, avid reader)

Current Read:  Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Progress: 65% 

Review: I like it. I like how the different characters interact with each other and how their thoughts and emotions towards each other intertwine to tell the story

Recommend: Yes, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy classics and dark family dramas.


SR (12-year-old boy, slow reader)

Current Read: The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

Progress:  95%

Review: It is an adventure/fantasy book which I like and it has fun extras like how to make certain foods (however, it might be hard to actually make the food because a lot of the ingredients are not real).

Recommend:  Yes, it is interesting and well-written.


JK (12-year-old boy, average reader)

Current Read:  Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy, Bk 2) by Suzanne Collins

Progress:  37%

Review: I like how there is a lot of excitement and interesting people, plus it’s the story of a rebellion. 

Recommend: I would not recommend it unless you have already read The Hunger Games and liked it. 


SG (10-year-old boy, reluctant reader)

Current Read:  On the Court with Steph Curry by Matt Christopher

Progress:  75%

Review: I like it because it is about my favorite player in the NBA.

Recommend: Yes, because even if you aren’t interested in basketball, Steph Curry and his effortless jump shot are fun to read about.


SM (10-year-old girl, avid reader)

Current Read:  Much Ado about Anne (The Mother-Daughter Book Club Bk 2) by Heather Vogel Frederick

Progress:  80%

Review:  I like the story and the high-stakes fashion show that takes place in order to save a historic farm.

Recommend: Yes, because the girls in the story do all kinds of fun things together and they help each other. 


ZW (9-year-old boy, slow reader)

Current Read:  Cam Jansen and the Barking Treasure Mystery by David A. Adler

Progress:  15%

Review: I like it because it is fun to try to solve the mystery with Cam.

Recommend:  Yes, if you like mysteries.


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