Mya Recommends: Agatha Christie

Mya is 14 years old and an avid reader. We love talking about books together. I thought a teenage perspective might be beneficial if you are searching for books for a teenager of your own. I asked Mya if she would be interested in writing a guest post periodically to let us know what she’s been reading and offer a few of her own recommendations. She said yes! And so, I am excited to share with you her first contribution:

One of my current favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I have been reading her books for only a few months, but I am hooked.

Agatha Christie writes murder mysteries, but they are different than most. They are not bloody or graphic books. Christie’s books are intellectual mysteries. They are books that make you think as you try to figure out who the murderer is. One thing I like about her mysteries is that I am always surprised at the end. You almost never know who did it until the answer is revealed, but it is really fun to try to figure out while you read. 

Sometimes her books can get a little slow, but if you hold on to the end, I am sure you will be amazed. 

And Then There Were None was the first of Christie’s books that I read, and so far it is my personal favorite. The basic premise is that 10 people are invited to a private island and one by one they begin to be murdered. No one knows who the murderer is and no one knows who will be murdered next. As the reader, you don’t find out who the murderer is until almost the very last paragraph. I read the entire book in one day; I couldn’t put it down. 

If you are interested in reading one of Agatha Christie’s books I would definitely start with And Then There Were None. You will be hooked! 


PS If you and your teen both enjoy mysteries and want to enter the world of Agatha Christie together, a fun way to connect could be to read Murder on the Orient Express (together or separately), discuss it (such a fun book to discuss with a friend!) and then see the movie together. I am assuming it is out of most theaters by now, but that means it will be coming to DVD before too long. 

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