Boxed Sets (aka Series) of Books your Kids Should Read (and own)

I love it when a book captures my kids’ imagination and they don’t want to put it down. I love it even more, when that book is part of a series. It makes the answer to the inevitable question “What should I read next?” so much easier to answer. A great series of books is a wonderful thing. And, since it's the holiday season and I have gift-giving on the brain, if there is a set of books your child already loves, or one you want to introduce them to, a boxed set might be the perfect gift. 

Books are my love language and I will freely admit I purchase them too freely. In my defense, favorite books are like old friends; I want to keep them around. If, however, you need a better reason for investing in a boxed set of good stories, here are a few: 

  1. The more books you have laying around your house, the greater the chance your child might pick one up and start reading. 
  2. A boxed set, or series of books is more noticeable on your shelf than an individual copy sitting all by it’s lonesome. “What is this great collection of books?” they might ask themselves as they pick up the first one and start to read. 
  3. There is nothing more frustrating than finishing a book (especially if it ends with a cliff hanger) to find you can’t get access to the one that comes next. Owning the series solves the problem. 
  4. If you are looking to decorate your book shelves, books are a great choice. A boxed set is even better because the books that make it up usually coordinate. 

Are you convinced? Whether you are or not, if you are looking for a boxed set to buy or a series to read, below are a few ideas on what to pick for your kids' next read:

  1. Go with a classic, they are classic for a reason. Here are a few of my favorites:
    1. Little House on the Prairie
    2. Chronicles of Narnia
    3. Anne of  Green Gables
    4. Classics Collection
  2. Go with an outstanding author. Some boxed sets are not part of a series, but a set of books written by a great author. Here are a few I recommend:
    1. Roald Dahl
    2. Kate DiCamillo
    3. E.B. White
  3. Go with a series that fits the age of your reader. 

    For those not yet reading:

  1. Classic Baby Lit Collection
  2. Peter Rabbit
  3. Curious George

    For newer readers:

  1. Ramona or Henry books
  2. Mercy Watson (of course!)
  3. The Borrowers
  4. Boxcar Children

    For readers 8 and up:

  1. Wingfeather Saga (couldn't find an actual box set, but this series is a good one to own in it's entirety)
  2. Marguerite Henry Stable of Classics
  3. Mysterious Benedict Society
  4. Wrinkle in Time Series
  5. Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys
  6. The Wizard of Oz

    For readers 13 and up:

  1. Circle Series
  2. The Seeds of America Trilogy
  3. Jane Austen (an author not a series, but these books are just too pretty not to list somewhere!)
  4. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

I know, I know, I missed a ton of great series with this list, but this should be enough to get you started. As a verified book worm, I can attest that there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a complete collection of books you love sitting upon your shelf. And while not every one is a verified bookworm, even your most reluctant reader could be one book that leads to another book away from becoming one. 

We all have our favorites. Help me expand this list. What is the one series of books that you think every kid should own? 


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