Books Make the Best Stocking Stuffers

We are in the final week of the Christmas season. If you are still in the market for a few stocking stuffers, I am of the opinion that books make excellent stuffers. When it comes to choosing a book to place in your children’s Christmas stocking, we can all agree that size is an issue. With that in mind, below are five recommendations that won’t completely stuff their stockings, but will add some fun and holiday cheer. 


National Geographic Weird But True Series

These are small books filled with outrageous facts. There are many options in the series with books focused on sports, food, the human body or Christmas. There are also at least 9 that are not focused on any one specific topic. Fun to read through and fun to share out loud!


Laugh out Loud Joke Books by Rob Elliot

Another fun little series of books for the joke-lover in your family. Choose from knock-knock, animal or Christmas jokes, or stick with one that is simply Laugh out Loud.


Mad Libs

While not really a book, Mad Libs are an entertaining way to encourage reading. My boys especially love getting a mad lib book and have way too much fun filling in the blanks to create the silliest of stories.


Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar

The actual size of this book depends somewhat on the version you get, but I think you will find this series small enough to stuff a stocking and give your child a book that is relatively short, zany and really fun to read.


Roald Dahl books

And speaking of zany and fun, Roald Dahl books are right up the same alley. Typically short and small in size, Dahl's stories are full of interesting characters, new words, unusual situations, lots of humor and rarely disappoint. 


In general, if you are searching for stocking stuffers, book stores offer lots of options. And if you want even more ideas, head to this post by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy where she gives 100 stocking stuffer ideas that won’t disappoint.