Happy Thanksgiving!


It kind of blows my mind that Thanksgiving is already here. I have a lot to be thankful for and one of those things is you. I have been so grateful for the support so many of you have shown me through kind words and encouragement (written and in person) as I start this new venture. Thank you to those who shared Young Book Love with your friends. Thank you for being excited and believing in me. You are the best! 

My heart is to serve you by sharing books I have discovered in the hopes that it might help you grow book love in your kids. A well-told story is a powerful tool that can stick with a child long into adulthood, shaping who they become. As a Christian, I love seeing glimpses of God’s character in the books I read. All good things come from above, and whether an author believes this or not, when they do their job well, they show us glimpses of the Ultimate Creator. Stories can stir our hearts like nothing else, drawing us in, pulling at our emotions, stimulating our thoughts and even moving us to action. Great books are a gift I will always be thankful for. 

I will be taking the rest of the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, but will be right back at it next week.

Some things to look forward to in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

  •     Gift ideas for young readers
  •     Book lists that cover favorite christmas books, the best boxed sets and biographies, and
  •     Personalized picks for a 12 year old boy

Until then, I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading along.