11-year-old Girl Seeking Books with a Hook

Ava is an eleven-year-old girl who loves to read. She loves reading because it takes her into new worlds and occupies her mind. There are so many different stories to read and learn from; she loves to discover them. When she’s not reading, Ava likes to play games and play soccer.

When looking for a good book, Ava especially likes fantasy and realistic fiction. The Harry Potter series is one of her very favorites; she has read them more than once. She stays away from graphic novels because they don’t interest her and feel harder to read.

Ava has no problem abandoning a book if it doesn’t keep her interest or is hard to understand. If you are a kid looking for a good book, Ava recommends that you ask your siblings, parents, grandparents and friends for recommendations.

I am excited to give Ava a few personalized picks. To help me help her, I asked Ava to share three of her favorite books and one she was not so crazy about. Here are her favorites:

Ava picked these books because she felt they shared a new perspective with her. She also thought they were interesting, well-written, and had no problem keeping her hooked!

A book Ava was not crazy about was the graphic novel Smile by Raina Telgemeier.

When looking for recommendations for Ava I wanted to find books that would keep her turning pages and shared a new perspective. Two of my recommendations are in the fantasy realm and one is realistic fiction. Here is what I came up with:

  1. The Emerald Atlas:

    I picked this fantasy adventure series because it is fast-paced, exciting and fun to read. It is the kind of book that is hard to put down. The characters are engaging and there is a depth of story and theme that came as a surprise but made the book especially good. I hope Ava will agree.

  2. The Apothecary:

    A little bit historical fiction blends together with fantasy to create another page-turning adventure that I think Ava will love. I haven’t read the other two books of this series, but the first one felt unique and contained a great story. I think it might be right up Ava’s alley.

  3. The Bitter Side of Sweet:

    Switching gears to another type of adventure, The Bitter Side of Sweet falls into the realistic fiction genre. The story tells of sad circumstances, an exciting adventure and ends with a lot of hope. I think this book will offer Ava an interesting perspective and a strong hook.

Ava, thanks for answering my questions and letting me pick out books for you. It was so fun!

Based on Ava’s favorites, what books would you recommend she read?


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