Hello and Welcome to Young Book Love, my name is Megan and I am so glad you are here.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I have been an avid reader of every kind of book all my life. That said, I have a special kinship for stories written with kids in mind. From Chronicles of Narnia to Charlotte's Web or Sweet Valley High, books have made an impact on my life; I hope to inspire that same book love in the kids around me.

When it comes to kids, there is no shortage of them at my house. Mom to six, they keep me busy looking for books they might like to read, followed by the challenge of getting them to actually pick them up!  Raising readers is my goal. 

Friends will often ask me for book recommendations for their kids. There is nothing I love more than providing them a list. Sometimes I strike gold, other times I strike out, but I am always up for the challenge. If you have a hard time finding books for your child to read and would like some personal recommendations, please send me an email. This is what I love to do!

My hope is that this little piece of internet will grow into a place where we can all share great books we have discovered, inspiring young book love along the way.